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APP Description

Access your business chinese lessons online or offline
Just download the lesson listening files you want to study offline.

  • 1600+ business vocabulary

  • 1500+ business Phrases


  • 90+ business Chinese lessons

  • business chinese dictionary

  • High quality audio-Native Speaker Accent

  • Practice tests to improve your memorization

The Business Chinese App is a powerful app packed with real business Chinese for real business people. We have put together a full business Chinese course for serious Chinese language learners around the world who are ready to go beyond HSK and get a full immersion of practical advanced Chinese.

Our business Chinese lessons use an effective format that helps you remember what you learn and improve your business Chinese speaking and listening skills. In the "practice" session, you get the chance to use and test the language you learned.

APP Features

Here is what you will get when you use Business Chinese app.

Download lessons for offline learning

High quality content - Practical vocabulary & phrases

Quiz your language skills and improve your memorization

High quality audio - Native speaker accent

Business Chinese dictionary.

Well structured - mass exposure to vocabulary in context


Business Chinese app works! But don’t take our word for it, here are some of our user reviews.